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saving-moneyTips on how to Save Money

What they say about money and trees is true, unfortunately and your part time job earnings and student loans will only go so far.

As a student, the best tip we can give you is to only spend what you can afford. So to make your money go further, take note of these handy money saving tips...


Make the most of Student Discounts

Your trusty NUS extra card can stretch your money a long way when you take it out with you, but not every shop is on there. A lot of shops will do discounts but won't actually publicise it. Take your university card out with you when you go shopping, and make sure you always ask if they do student discounts there - you'll be surprised how many stores do give discounts on the quiet.

Shop online

Shop online, where prices for almost everything are lower than the high street.

Forget the trolley

Don't pick up a trolley when shopping; it will encourage you to add items you don't really need. Also, don't shop on an empty stomach as your hunger may lead to impulse buys and an increased shopping bill!

Find cheaper alternatives

Supermarket fruit and veg can be expensive. Instead try the local Durham market. You might be able to pick up a bargain in the afternoons when the stallholders are packing up.

Split the cost

Share the cost of food and household essentials with your housemate – buying in bulk is cheaper.

Book travel in advance

If you book your coach journeys well in advance, you can pick up one-way fares for as little as £1. Megabus.com sells seats up to 45 days ahead. At Nationalexpress.com you can book up to 12 weeks ahead. The Trainline offers discount train fares across the UK and Europe. If you don’t book in advance, you will lose out!

You can also purchase a Young Persons Railcard for around £26 a year. The card saves you a massive 1/3 on all rail journeys in the UK.

Quit the gym

Go jogging, swimming or cycling with friends, or join an outdoors sporting society.

And most importantly... Budget! Budget! Budget!

  • Make sure you know how much Maintenance Loan, Maintenance Grant and bursary you are entitled to and that you are receiving the right amount.
  • If a parental contribution is required, make sure you have arranged when and how this will be paid to you.
  • Spend time planning and prepare a budget sheet. Try and stick to a budget for weekly essentials and plan for extra expenditure at the start of the year e.g. field trips, special occasions, family birthdays etc.
  • Budget a weekly amount for entertainment and socialising, and try not to exceed this.
  • Prioritise your expenditure. Consider setting up standing orders / direct debits - this can help you to plan and make regular payments to all the places you need to without worrying about missing payment dates.
  • Spend some time choosing your student bank account. Look at the amount of interest free overdrafts each bank offers - going over your agreed overdraft level is expensive.
  • Open, read and keep your bank statements. You may need them and duplicate copies may have to be paid for.
  • Don't rush out an buy all the books on your reading list. Check to see which ones are essential, make use of the library and look for second-hand book shops. Make use of all student discounts available.


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