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We need 24 hours to inform current tenants of viewings on properties but some can be arranged sooner. To arrange a viewing just pop into the office, call us on 0191 3836290 or email us at to register your interest.

We can arrange to meet at either, whatever is more convenient for you.

Yes we are open for viewings on Saturdays, and Sunday by appointment. Please ask.

Yes, all properties come furnished including kitchen appliances. We will be able to tell you exactly what you get at the viewing.

Only occasionally do we have individual rooms to let within shared student houses. In these you will have your own room, but will share communal facilities. Please ask about our “Find a Housemate” meeting.

No, the price is per person in relation to the number of bedrooms in the house.

No, but we do have blocks of properties which can accommodate large numbers of students so if you are part of a large group we have a blocks which can accommodate up to 25 under one roof but in separate apartments for times when you need some privacy!

An Energy Performance Certificate tells you how efficient the property is in terms of heating and insulation. All of our properties have one and the details will be provided to you prior to signing the Tenancy.

Unfortunately not.

Our properties are fully furnished, but we do NOT provide items such as kitchen utensils and bedding, therefore you will need to bring these with you when you move in.

To ensure that both health and safety regulations are maintained at all times, we recommend that tenants do not bring their own furniture or electrical goods into the property. If you do have items you wish to bring please advise us first and note that all furniture or furnishings brought into the property must comply with the Furniture and Furnishings Safety Regulations and electrical goods should have been PAT tested (Portable Appliance testing). You are responsible for removal of any personal items at the end of the tenancy.

Normally for a fixed term of 12 months but this depends on the property.

Yes a deposit is a returnable sum and the amount payable will depend on the specific property. The deposit will not need to be paid again should you choose to continue your contract with us in the same property or, indeed another of our properties (providing that you don’t wreck the place!!).

You can pay the deposit by cheque or cash in the office or direct online (please ask for Bank details)

You should pay the deposit at the time of signing the Contract.

The deposit is safeguarded by The Deposit Protection Service who can be contacted at; The Pavillions, Bridgewater Road, Bristol, BS99 6AA. Phone 0844 4727000 or email

Not usually, although we may require tenants to have a Guarantor. This needs to be someone that is a UK resident, a homeowner and fully employed, usually your Parents.

If you do not have anyone who can act as a Guarantor, please speak to us and we will see if any alternative arrangements can be made.

You would sign a Fixed Term Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. Once signed, the Contract is legally binding on all parties and you are liable for rental payments for the full period of the Contract. Please speak to a member of the lettings team if you require any further information regarding the Agreement.

If there are any aspects of the Contract you do not understand, we will be more than happy to go through the terms with you. Remember, ALL of our Contracts have been checked and approved by the Accommodation Office at the DSU who will also be happy to discuss the terms with you.

We issue each tenant with a key to the property (and individual bedroom where applicable) on presentation of identification

Durham has a large number of students. We are one of (if not the) the largest private student in Durham with our Head Office in the heart of the City in the Market Place. We will therefore have lots of students arriving at our office and collecting keys from us at the same time, so queues are inevitable.

If you do not need to collect your keys on the 1st then it may be advisable to collect them later in the week when the waiting time will be reduced. If you do need to collect keys on the 1st, please note that the keys to the property will not normally be available any earlier than 2pm.
We have brought in many new procedures in order to try to reduce your waiting time. We will issue all sets of keys on presentation of identification, providing the contractual terms have been met.

When you collect the keys, you will receive a ‘Moving in Pack’ which will detail what you need to do at the beginning of your Tenancy.

We send our maintainance team to visit your Property following the return of all of the keys from the previous Tenants to record the condition and any damage caused to the property.

You will also be issued with an Inventory and Schedule of Condition which is a detailed list of all items and their condition throughout the Property. You should check that all items listed on the inventory are present and are in the condition described on the inventory, record any damages and return the inventory to us within 7 days. We will use this inventory when you vacate your home at the end of the tenancy, so it is important to make sure it is returned to us.

Rent is payable calendar monthly in advance starting on the first day of the Tenancy. If you wish to pay in quarterly, or annually please ask us for terms.

Rent is payable by Standing Order Mandate. A Standing Order is a preauthorised payment under which an account holder authorises a Bank to pay a fixed amount such as a rent payment directly to a Landlord, for example, monthly. Your rent will be collected automatically once this has been set up.

Anyone can pay rent on your behalf. However, the legal responsibility lies with you.

Although the majority of our lets are to students, we are a private company with no association to the Student Loans Company. The rent is payable as per the terms of your signed Tenancy Agreement.

Take a note of the meter readings and serial numbers and contact the utility provider to register the gas, electric and water in your name. We will also require a copy of this information. Please ask us if you require assistance. If you opt for our All Inclusive package then this is all taken care of for you.

It may be possible for you to decorate certain rooms in houses. It is critical that you get written permission from us first. There will be obvious conditions such as ensuring that the decoration is done in a good workman like manner and that paint is not splashed around on carpets or other furniture. We do however strive to ensure that all of our properties are in good decorative order and carry out an extensive redecoration programme during University holidays.

We have a full time maintainence team for general repairs and reliable sub-contractors for any other problems. All contact details are provided in the Tenant Handbook which is available in every property. To report any maintenance problems with your property:

• Contact us and give us as much information as possible regarding the problem. We will then allocate the job on a priority basis.

• We will inform you of when a contractor will be attending your property. They have a set of your keys so you do not need to be present at the time, if it is not convenient. No-one will enter your Property without your permission except in the case of an emergency.

This is the tenant’s responsibility and you should make sure all light bulbs are working when you leave the property.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to tend to the garden or yard. This includes maintaining the grass, hedges, weeding and generally keeping the garden tidy. If you do not maintain the garden or yard to a satisfactory level then we will instruct contractors and will charge you for this service.

We understand the need for privacy however locks on internal doors create a whole series of issues so unfortunately we cannot allow this. If a lock is put on a door then it will be removed and the tenant will be charged for the removal and any damage to the doors.

Tenants are requested at all times to have respect and consideration for all residents within their property and their neighbours per the DSU Livers Out Guide. They are requested to refrain from playing loud music and the use of abusive language/behaviour. We will speak to them but if the problem continues, you can also seek advice from Durham County Council's Environmental Health Dept.

On an Assured Short hold Tenancy Agreement, you're legally bound until the end of your tenancy period. We can however consider ending your tenancy if you have a replacement. This individual will need to meet all of our criteria and be able to provide full guarantor details prior to the process being complete. There is an admin fee of £115 chargeable to the outgoing tenant. If you need any further information on this process please contact us.

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your rent don’t ignore the problem and hope it will go away. The sooner you let us know of any extenuating circumstances the quicker we can try and work with you. Please refer to your tenancy agreement for details on charges that could be applied. We don't like charging you fees, and we're sure that you also don't like the embarrassment (and cost) of not paying your rent on time. Please contact your Property Consultant to discuss the situation.

Unfortunately not as the rent and deposit are quite separate. The final installment of rent is payable in full by direct debit as per the terms of the contract.

No. If the bills are in the names of the tenants, it is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure the final utility bills are settled in full. Again, this is not relevant if you opt for our All Inclusive package.

You should return the keys to our office no later than 12 noon on the last day of your tenancy. If the keys aren’t returned, the new tenants will not be able to move in, so it is of major importance to return all keys within the allowed timescale. If a housemate is leaving early then please collect their keys before they depart. If your keys are not returned, you may be charged for the locks to be changed, or you may even have to pay to house the new tenants in a hotel until all keys have been returned – a hassle and expense that can be avoided with planning.

Please make sure that all tenants have cleared their account with no outstanding rent payments or charges; this will help to ensure your deposits are dealt with more promptly. All utility companies i.e. gas, electric, water, telephone, broadband etc. need to be contacted with meter readings and forwarding addresses prior to vacating the property. Make sure the date of the meter readings/billing corresponds to the end of your tenancy, as these details are imperative for the return of your deposit.

You will need to provide proof of payment of your final utility bills (gas, electric, water and council tax), complete with meter readings before your deposit can be processed at the end of your tenancy. We need all original utility bills proving settlement of accounts as from the last day of your tenancy. These must be stamped to show proof of payment or accompanied by a bank statement showing corresponding cheque payment details or you can provide a letter from your supplier explaining that your account is clear. You should retain copies of the bills for your personal records. Meter readings and serial numbers should be shown on the final bills.

Again, this is not relevant for those who opt for our All Inclusive package provided that there are no arrears on your Property account.

We want to re-imburse your deposit in full so please make sure the property is returned to us in a condition that is clean, lettable and without damage, exceeding wear & tear. Cleaning and removal charges are the most common deductions made against deposits. Some housemates may depart early, leaving the remaining tenants to clean and clear the rest of the house. This can lead to a rushed job and monies being deducted for additional cleaning to bring the property back up to standard. What ever you do, don’t have your moving out party the night before, it could be very costly!!!

The deposit will be returned following expiry of the Tenancy (and the return of the keys) subject to any deduction that the Landlord is entitled to make from it and proof provided that all charges for utilities have been paid by the Tenant. Payment of the deposit or any balance of it will be made within 10 working days of the Landlord and the Tenant agreeing the allocation of the deposit.

The deposit will be paid directly to the Lead Tenant per the Terms of the Deposit Protection Service (

You need to ensure that all your forwarding addresses are provided to all necessary sources e.g banks, insurance, credit card, utility companies. You don’t want new tenants knowing all of your personal details so the easiest way to do this is through Royal Mail's 'Home Redirections Service' ( to forward mail from your old address to your new one. You will not be able to re-enter the property once your tenancy has ended so make sure this is done a few weeks in advance.

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