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FAQs - Post-tenancy

Please make sure that all tenants have cleared their account with no outstanding rent payments or charges; this will help to ensure your deposits are dealt with more promptly. All utility companies i.e. gas, electric, water, telephone, broadband etc. need to be contacted with meter readings and forwarding addresses prior to vacating the property. Make sure the date of the meter readings/billing corresponds to the end of your tenancy, as these details are imperative for the return of your deposit.

You will need to provide proof of payment of your final utility bills (gas, electric, water and council tax), complete with meter readings before your deposit can be processed at the end of your tenancy. We need all original utility bills proving settlement of accounts as from the last day of your tenancy. These must be stamped to show proof of payment or accompanied by a bank statement showing corresponding cheque payment details or you can provide a letter from your supplier explaining that your account is clear. You should retain copies of the bills for your personal records. Meter readings and serial numbers should be shown on the final bills.

Again, this is not relevant for those who opt for our All Inclusive package provided that there are no arrears on your Property account.

We want to re-imburse your deposit in full so please make sure the property is returned to us in a condition that is clean, lettable and without damage, exceeding wear & tear. Cleaning and removal charges are the most common deductions made against deposits. Some housemates may depart early, leaving the remaining tenants to clean and clear the rest of the house. This can lead to a rushed job and monies being deducted for additional cleaning to bring the property back up to standard. What ever you do, don’t have your moving out party the night before, it could be very costly!!!

The deposit will be returned following expiry of the Tenancy (and the return of the keys) subject to any deduction that the Landlord is entitled to make from it and proof provided that all charges for utilities have been paid by the Tenant. Payment of the deposit or any balance of it will be made within 10 working days of the Landlord and the Tenant agreeing the allocation of the deposit.

The deposit will be paid directly to the Lead Tenant per the Terms of the Deposit Protection Service (

You need to ensure that all your forwarding addresses are provided to all necessary sources e.g banks, insurance, credit card, utility companies. You don’t want new tenants knowing all of your personal details so the easiest way to do this is through Royal Mail's 'Home Redirections Service' ( to forward mail from your old address to your new one. You will not be able to re-enter the property once your tenancy has ended so make sure this is done a few weeks in advance.

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